What’s IN & What’s OUT in 2020 Pt. 2

So the follow up to What’s In and What’s Out Pt. 1 was a little challenging in sourcing the images for the what’s out examples. While there’s no problem whatsoever showing what we ripped out or changed in our current home, I hesitate to show client “before” photos. Or even pictures from other bloggers if we’re going to slap my “OUT OF STYLE” label on it! But it’s important to visually show you the differences of what’s in and out of style. Below is part two of my list of the top 10 design trends people are getting the heck out of their homes/lives in 2020.

This is for info & entertainment purposes – not judgement!

Even though the nature of this article is pretty black and white, please know that I pass no judgement on people having any of the so-called “bad trends” in their homes. Some of the “bad” things that we’re removing from client’s homes this year might even be nicer than what we have at our rental mini-farm! Everyone is in their own phase of home life, and we should seriously be grateful to be in a home that takes care of us so much in 2020, no matter how it looks!

You know how doctors don’t flinch when they see something weird on someone’s body – because they’ve seen everything? Think of me like a doctor for your home’s design. Designers have seen it all, the good and the bad. And this article is a chance to use my experience to help you make decisions that are right for your home! Okay, stepping off of my blog soap box, read on for part two of what’s IN and what’s OUT in 2020.

1. Ripping Out Faux Travertine Tile and its Ugly Beige Friends

Travertine and other natural, warm-toned stone were definitely a stylish choice earlier in this current century. It had a serious style moment! Some people may still like it.

But the stuff that really drives myself and my clients crazy? That builder-basic faux travertine ceramic tile. Because now those people are just stuck with cheap tile that’s not even in the ballpark of what’s in style.

And the non-example I tracked down below is a reason in itself to hire a designer… Because this was on the CURRENT TRENDS page of the website. Which just goes to show that stores will sell just about anything you’re willing to pay for!

Public service announcement: beige and tan tiles are one of the TOP things we’re helping people rip out of their homes in 2020!

Photo courtesy of the Tile Shop Inspiration page

Tile is one of my love languages, so below are multiple examples of what is on-trend right now and not likely going away soon. This includes subtle marble tiles, high-contrast marble, hand painted/glazed clay tiles, and vertical tile.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Mercury Mosaics
Photo credit: Fire Clay Tile

2. Upgrading Pedestal Sinks with Storage

Pedestal sinks are not a design atrocity or deal-breaker on their own. Multiple clients this year have replaced their guest bathroom pedestal sinks for a more modern piece with concealed storage. This update, especially when paired with new paint, mirror, and lighting fixtures, can completely transform a bathroom!

Photo credit: Lowe’s

We’re going to see more of these subtle shifts into user-friendly home design as time moves on. It’s not wrong, it’s just better. And you deserve better!

3. Covering Up Bad Formica Countertops

This update goes to show that design can happen at a low budget! I covered these countertops in the master bathroom of our rental before moving in. (We have more creative liberties here since we got the place mid renovation. Check out my first blog post for that whole back-story!)

The contact paper made such a difference, that Renan asked me to do the same in his bathroom! More info on this specific project in my Under $300 Rental Bathroom Makeover blog.

4. Painting or Ripping Out Red/Orange Tone Cabinets

Red and orangey-toned wood cabinets are not a look people are wanting in 2020. Light colored cabinets and open shelving are both definitely having a moment because they make kitchens and bathrooms feel light and airy.

See below for a few examples of kitchens and bathrooms that are rocking the lighter, cooler tones! Don’t they feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the heavy, dark example above?

White cabinet kitchen inspiration, photo credit: Pinterest
Off-white kitchen cabinet inspiration from Studio McGee
Gray cabinet bathroom 3D concept by Kaitlyn Loos Design

5. Getting Rid of the Throw Pillows that Came with the Couch

I got to pick out some awesome, textured pillows for just about every client this year! It’s such an easy way to update the look of your living room with the seasons. You can also opt for new pillow covers, like the kind you can get from Amazon, West Elm or Ikea.

Modern print textured pillows from West Elm

Hot tip: look to purchase pillow shams that are sized two inches smaller than your pillow insert to make sure pillows look upright and alive! If you’re buying new pillows from Ikea, you can also double up the inserts to get the same effect.

So this wraps part 2 of my What’s IN and What’s OUT in 2020. Are any of these items getting the side-eye from you in your home?

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