Is it Too Late to Start Home Projects for the Holidays?

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great week. Today I wanted to give a totally honest answer to the big question of “is it too late to start home projects for the holidays?”

The best time to start home projects for the holidays was “yesterday.”

We all have totally different expectations of how our homes should be presented for guests. And I know many people want to complete home improvements before hosting the annual holidays. So if you’ve got a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a paint roller in the other this fall, you are not alone! ☕️

The second best time = today

In a year where so many people have felt disconnected and further from family, friends, and so many things we enjoy, the idea of opening our homes back up for the holidays may be more gratifying than ever!

If there’s even a chance of a family holiday this year, don’t let a rogue home project or an unrealistic renovation expectation get in the way!

What’s possible…

As I mentioned in my recent IGTV video from Sept. 22, from a project management and capacity perspective, some projects are just out of the question in 2020. (And yes, I’m doing Instagram Live weekly now to discuss hot topics in the design world! Follow me on IG here.)

Is it too late to start a gut kitchen renovation? Most likely!

Is it too late to take out a wall and create an open floor plan? Almost definitely!

Is it too late to order new living room furniture? Probably!

Is it too late to paint some walls and put a new floor down? Here’s where you might have some room to make it happen!

Remember that many people are trying to do the exact things in their home, but the early birds this year might be the only people getting the worm!

With the big bathroom and kitchen boom, it’s likely that more people are taking their 2020 vacation or travel budgets to make big changes in their space instead. You should also plan to start early on any realistic-range projects so that there’s room for the totally inevitable delivery, manufacturing, and labor delays.

By PLANNING for these things to take extra time, you’re freeing yourself from a stressful situation.

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