Week 8 – One Room Challenge Living Room Reveal

Wow, we’ve finally hit the end of the 8-week One Room Challenge for our farm living room. So now it’s the best part – and if this brings you to my blog for the first time, welcome! It’s time for our living room reveal.

So week 8 was full of activity on this project. I placed my last orders for some additional accessories/supplies. I also STILL had more touch up painting to do AND a few more grids of the accent wall to paint. Painting must’ve taken the lion’s share of the time, but it made the biggest impact. The paneling we inherited just didn’t even reside on the same planet as my intended style.

Design Concept

If you’ve been reading since week 1, you know that I had a lot of champagne dreams for my beer budget. To accomplish this, I used a mix of our old items, new items, thrifted and budget pieces. We wanted the space to be more comfortable, modernized (of course), and to better fit both personalities who share this space. And spoiler alert, I think it really worked.

BEFORE: Thrifted mirror

AFTER: Faux Inlay Mirror

Going ahead and setting up the corner with the new arrangement, new lamp, and DIY-ed mirror was a momentum booster. It gave me the excitement I needed to complete the painting projects that were starting to feel a bit draining.

What’s really awesome about this photo is that hardly ANYTHING is new. Just the lamp and the newly painted mirror. But in the new spot, against the faux wallpaper accent wall, I absolutely love it. Hanging the mirror vertically also helps to make the space feel taller!

The new sofa arrived!

The biggest mystery hanging over my head when I published the last update was exactly when this new chaise sofa would arrive. How can I have a living room reveal without it?! Especially with all kinds of crazy things happening over the past year+ with shipping delays. But right in the nick of time, we received the sofa on Friday afternoon! (Yes, just TWO days ago.)

Major shout-out to my boyfriend Renan for being so amazing with the minor construction projects and furniture lifting required to make it to today! I couldn’t have completed this without him.

I also picked up some important pieces I’d been squirreling away in our storage unit like this beautiful flat-woven rug I bought second-hand for a major deal. It feels stylish without having to worry too much about getting some farm wear.

BEFORE: Living room seating

AFTER: Living room seating

As I started finally unpacking my decor boxes from 6 months ago, we found some proverbial trash and treasure along the way. (It’s BEYOND beautiful to have the FULL Kaitlyn Loos candle stash back on the premises.) But…not my curtain brackets and finials.

This is to most people not that big of a deal. But since we live in the country, a simple missing piece like that in the final weekend of the One Room Challenge would mean potential ruin.

With artwork and throw pillows checked off, Renan and I went to the storage unit TODAY to pick up our extra tall bookshelf and some additional pieces. At this point I’d been looking for HOURS on our super large property for those dang basic curtain brackets and finials that I literally bought for my first apartment. I saw a little box tucked into a drawer out of the corner of my eye in our old TV console and I yelled “WAIT! Let me see if the brackets are in there!” And sure enough…

BEFORE: TV Wall/Bookshelf

AFTER: TV Wall/Bookshelf

I’m a huge fan of curtains but I don’t think I’ve ever hung two sets so darn fast. We needed them on 10 different levels. Light control of course – because it’s summer in Florida, yikes, but also to help draw the eye away from our super old and imperfect walls. Curtains are a must if you are struggling with either of these issues! I have a whole episode on my IGTV channel on this topic that you may want to check out.

Anyone recognize these curtains from my very first blog post? These were such a fun purchase. Renan even approved them! I love how they add some feminine color to the space to contrast all the neutrals.

I changed up the styling of our old bookshelf. While I love how it looks in the space, I don’t think it can survive getting moved another time.

Before-ish versus after bathroom door corner.

Just a reminder of how much I loved my choice to paint the three interior doors black. It’s one of those changes that made it feel like the improvements extend past just the living room.

And yes, we’re going to try to keep the real plant alive in the house. Fingers crossed!

One of the last-minute orders I placed this week was to order this machine-washable blanket to try to DIY for a dog bed. Because our two dogs are on the larger side, I’ve been wanting to get them a plush foam bed. But I really like the idea of trying this out with our old couch cushions first.

Art majors are always about finding a creative use for something before we throw it out!

That’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this living room reveal! I’m extremely grateful and proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish in our home over the past 8 weeks. It’s not for the feint of heart, but there really isn’t any inspiration quite like a deadline. Please let me know in the comments what your favorite part of our living room reveal was!

We’ve got more projects in the works for our home in 2021, so be sure to follow the blog to see more DIY projects and design updates from the mini-farm!

Can we do your living room next?

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