Top 3 Reasons to Collaborate with a Designer

Still feeling the stress of prepping your home for the holidays? Is it time to call a designer? I’m not shy about telling the truth or my opinion as it relates to anything with home design. So to continue that spirit of total transparency – this blog has info for my services in it. But I wouldn’t be sharing it if I didn’t think it could genuinely help so many of you right now. Before we get to that, let me share the top three (3) reasons to collaborate with a designer so you can decide first if it’s what you need.

It’s an express lane for decision making.

Various, modern, tile samples
Various, modern tile samples

Because designers like myself have our hands in products, textures, and colors on a daily basis, we have a quick sense of what works. We learn your style so we can help you make important selections as swiftly as you can bring it home. We can serve as a third opinion/mediator if a couple is at an impasse with an important decision. A good designer will help a client make informed choices that are focused on their desired result. And timely decision-making is 100% crucial to completing projects before the holidays!

It levels up the design
& enhances your home’s value

New flooring project by Kaitlyn Loos Design

Collaborating with a designer can take your dreams for your home and make it reality. They can look at the project from a new perspective and offer valuable insights that can up-level the overall look. And assure all decisions work in harmony with each other. Designers bring an attention to detail that can make your home beautiful to live in NOW and sellable later. But you may not want to leave!

You get a strategic approach
for a maximized result.

3D Bathroom Concept by Kaitlyn Loos Design
3D Bathroom Concept by Kaitlyn Loos Design

So much of interior design – whether working with a professional or doing it yourself – is about project management. When you work with a designer, you get a leg up on the strategy and prioritization of projects. This is because they have an informed idea of what parts of a project will take the longest. They know what can create challenges and what is realistic to do in a certain amount of time. Working with a designer helps maximize your time and budget on any given project to accomplish your vision.

Now that we’ve touched upon the top three (3) reasons to collaborate with a designer, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

The thing is, not everyone truly needs a full-time designer.

I know that everyone cannot afford the thousands of additional dollars on a project to hire a full-service designer. While full service works for people with sizable budgets who don’t have time to manage home projects, the virtual world has opened a new avenue.

I’m finding many people actually have time now and don’t mind shopping themselves, calling contractors, picking up samples, etc.

Some of the people I work the best with actually have a knack for tackling certain projects themselves. But they just want a little of my time to make sure their project is setup for success.

Enter: the Virtual Design Strategy Session

Book a Virtual Design Strategy Session

Virtual Design Strategy Sessions are perfect for people who are:

  • Planning to host a gathering at your house after COVID and have a list of projects you want to complete beforehand.
  • Working directly with a contractor on a home renovation and feeling a little overwhelmed.
  • Making updates to your home in order to sell and feeling inundated with decisions on where to start.
  • Filling up Pinterest boards for your dream home but need help making it reality.

This 1:1 service is designed to help you tackle your biggest challenges to creating your family dream home. Work with me to build a plan that addresses your chief concerns, prioritizes projects, and makes your Pinterest dreams come to life! Perfect for the #diyfamily – it allows you to invest more in the materials and labor costs of your project. And LESS on the overall design.

With the purchase of a Virtual Design Strategy Session, you get:

One Room Challenge Office Cabinet After Photo

1. A link to immediately take the Style Questionnaire where you’ll also be able to share your primary concerns and focus areas.

2. You’ll be directed to schedule your 90 minute Zoom call – with appointments available as early as two (2) business days out.

3. Agenda of Zoom call includes time for a virtual walk through, a style assessment, and a deep dive discussion on 1-3 of your biggest pain point areas of your home.

4. Next followed by approx. 15 minutes of Q&A time – perfect for reviewing samples or covering anything else you might be stuck on.

5. At the end, you’ll receive a PDF with the strategy as discussed for your focus areas, timeline recommendations, and relevant resource links.

This does NOT include: in-home consultation, concept work, 3D floor planning, in-person shopping trips, nor design questions after the meeting.

Now that you have my top three reasons to collaborate with a designer and my virtual offering – don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to however I can help you create a home you’re happy to share with family and friends this year. (If we safely can!) And I have even more holiday prep content coming out that can continue to help over the next coming weeks.

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