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Kaitlyn Loos [loh-s] is a virtual and in-person designer for interior spaces. She helps busy women and families create dreamy homes that function for their unique needs. Kaitlyn delights in the collaboration with clients to bring contemporary, artful, and functional comfort into their homes.

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With over 10 years of creative industry experience, Kaitlyn understands and celebrates the artful and visionary spirits of her clients.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she brings her knowledge of design principles, art history, design software and color theory to every interior project. And she continues to expand her knowledge of trends, materials, and best practices to elevate every space she touches.

Having guided permanent selections for over 30 spaces and counting, Kaitlyn specializes in helping clients choose quality materials for their homes that feel current and fresh. She also has a specialty in 3D design, wallpaper, decluttering and thoughtfully mixing patterns within your decor plan.

Kaitlyn has been working in the interior design field since 2015, taking the business full time in 2020.

Kaitlyn is a featured, national contributing design expert who also enjoys sharing tips and answering questions on her weekly Instagram videos.

She notably developed the Decluttering Personality Type quiz which has helped over a thousand people break down mental barriers about clutter. She also enjoys sharing her ideas and projects through her blog and discussing hot design topics on Instagram live.

Kaitlyn is located in the west-central Florida area (Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, and select locations in between) with availability for virtual and select in-person interior design projects.

“I enjoy the challenges of strategically problem solving to create win-win scenarios. My belief is that creativity and good design can happen at nearly any budget – it’s all about how we maximize. I always want the best for my clients and learning what truly creates a sense of happiness for them. I enjoy working with people who thrive on positivity and optimism. At the end of the day, we’re trying to make a dream a reality, so I want to make the process fun!” — Kaitlyn Loos

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