Week 7 – One Room Challenge Farm Living Room

In week 7 of the One Room Challenge Farm Living Room, I have good news for both you and me: the painting is NEARLY done! I also got some pieces ordered and in that will be installed in the final week. I’m feeling a bit nervous but excited for what’s left in the final week. And the sofa delivery date has YET to be confirmed. Will we finish in time? 

I’m feeling the push of the clock! I feel like I’m on a season of an interior design competition show. My carpenter has also been working on projects for us, but the painting has been 100% on me. So let’s take a moment to celebrate how far that has come.

Painting Three Interior Doors

So the interior doors were not initially on the list to paint for this challenge. But I had a vision of adding the moment of contrast and ran with it. It helped that we had a whole gallon of black interior paint ready to roll by absolute chance. 

I started with the interior side of one of the entrance door with a mini-roller. And I quick-ish-ly learned that this was not the best approach. In my Habitat for Humanity volunteer work days, I learned that you start with a roller on doors and you finish by making long lines with a brush. The first door took at least 4 coats to get the color looking good. 

The second interior door was done in about three coats. Once I committed to painting the two doors in the right corner of the room, obviously you need to also paint the bathroom door. Plus I committed to painting the other side of the interior door to my office since we might as well finish the gallon of paint. And my office is next on the list! 

The good news is, when I abandoned the roller, I was able to complete the back side of my office door and the interior side of the bathroom door in two coats. I’m not a professional painter, but on doors, use a brush! It was also a bit satisfying to make the brush strokes on the doors. 

I know it’s painting project number 4 of my One Room Challenge – but it’s one that brings me a level of actual joy. The painted doors look undeniably more designed and intentional. It makes me have more pride for our space! It also amused me that of all the tools we have on our property, I ended up finding the same screwdriver from the ORC last year. 

More color, pattern & texture coming soon!

I was very excited to receive my orders this week with our new curtains, throw pillow, and pillow shams. Here’s a sneak peak of those! 

In addition, I miraculously made time to get some paint the wall opposite of the accent wall. The theme for the week was definitely “if I don’t do THIS now, when will I?” And I hope this leads to an even more incredible result at the end. I remember the first time I did a back hand spring by myself (absolutely ages ago), I had this thought of “Oh my God! If I can do this, I can do ANYTHING.” And I’m really hoping and praying that’s the feeling I’m landing at in next week’s One Room Challenge finale post. 

Wish me luck! Seriously!

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