Why I Launched Virtual Design Strategy Sessions

Happy Sunday y’all! While I firmly believe weekends are meant for relaxation and fun times connecting with friends/family, I know we can’t help but look around our house in judgement. Especially in these upside down times where you might be home significantly more than the past. Trust me when I say, I KNOW this feeling of discouragement where your expectations and the reality of your home are just not lining up. The struggle is real! So I thought this was a good time to provide my blog audience with background on why I’ve launched my Virtual Design Strategy Sessions. Because this could be EXACTLY what you need to incite great change in your home.

Reason #1: I Saw You at IKEA

First of all, this is not “throwing shade” at IKEA. The majority of my new office is from there and I’m obsessed with it. As a designer who works a lot with young families on a budget, I was at IKEA Tampa within days of reopening. (After national COVID-19 lockdown, if you’re reading this in the future.) I remember I went on a weekday and I’d NEVER seen lines like that. Cart after cart were filled with large flat-packed boxes, usually a plant or two, and new accessories. I cemented this image in my mind. For young families especially, updating your home on a budget has become even more of a priority. [Click here to jump over to the Virtual Design Strategy Session purchase page]

Assembling my new IKEA Billy bookshelves for my office like a champ!

And IKEA has been having major delays with deliveries, products going out of stock, and disabling the store pick-up option. I know this is due to COVID regulations, but I also think they’re the popular girl in school right now. Everybody wants some new IKEA furniture and they have more time than ever to put it together!

So when I saw you at IKEA, I realized many of you are ready to roll up your sleeves to work on your homes. I know that if you’re shopping there, you’re likely on a budget. And you might not be ready to invest in full service interior design right now. That’s okay! I still want to help.

With a 1:1 virtual design strategy session, you can work with me to zero in on your biggest pain points. Because it’s a one time fee, many might find it a better fit to achieve the end result they desire. You’ll leave with a plan to execute on your own – and it’s clearer than IKEA assembly instructions!

Reason #2: Social Distancing is the New Normal

Just like how most Millennials grew up on a computer, my business is “growing up” in the age of social distancing. Did I ever think when I started out that I’d have my face in video form on Instagram? Or that I’d need to jump on multiple Zoom calls a week? Heck no. But I’d rather surf the wave than try to fight it. It’s a new normal that we’re all adjusting to. And a lot of you are going through the same sort of thing!

My hope with creating this first virtual-only service is to help people exactly where they are. No face masks, no risking germs, no waiting out a quarantine. We can do more online than you’d think! People who enroll in the virtual design strategy session get immediately connected to schedule their call and start the style questionnaire. The next day after your 90 minute call, you’ll receive a PDF with the strategy for your focus areas, timeline recommendations, and relevant resource links. Waiting around is a thing of the past!

Reason #3: Solving Your Problem is Personally Fulfilling

Designers can be known for “making things pretty” and I’m okay with that. But I’m also probably just as known for problem solving. I love listening to concerns/unique needs of families and making the space work like a full-time employee for them!

Photo of client’s new entry way and floors. It doesn’t even look like two small kids live here, but they definitely do!

I don’t believe the “problem” is the dog, the cat, a messy family member, or that you “have too much stuff.” I believe there’s a way to make your home harmonious without kicking someone out. By adding this one-time, flat fee service to my business, I’m grateful to be helping even MORE families with my ideas and strategies.

Reason #4: I Can Relate!

I’m in the process of updating our rental, run-down mini-farm in my first year of business ownership, and taking care of approximately 30 animals. (Yes, up to at least 30 now.) So, like many of you, it’s never been more important that I’m efficient with time and costs. This is absolutely imperative this year.

After photo from my new One Room Challenge Office storage wall.

And I also know how truly exhilarating it is to create a space that improves your day to day life. Even just crossing a room off the list can give you a high! I’d love to help you get started with that. Between updating our place and my full-service clients, I’ve got my hands in design every day, and you can use my learnings to your advantage.

If there was a parallel universe where everything was the same but I wasn’t doing interior design, this is the service I would buy. You get the structure and strategy of working with a designer in one sitting, and then you can lead the project from there. You get to control the process, timing, and focus more of your investment on the costs of material.

Are you just as excited as I am now?

There’s nothing I’d love more right now than to help you bring your vision of a dream home to life. Whether I can help with full-service, hands-on design assistance or doing a one-time virtual design strategy session, I’m ready! Are you?

Click here if you’re interested in learning more or purchasing one of my Virtual Design Strategy Sessions. I’m currently offering dates between now and the end of the year.

Virtual Design Strategy Session

If you’re interested in a more robust, full service package, please email me at kaitlyn@kaitlynloos.com to learn more.

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