Ten Times Wallpaper Got it Right

Good wallpaper in a well-designed space, to me, is like drinking a glass of fine wine. This is because it brings an instant, unique flair – that says “we mean design business here.” However, I’ve noticed many steer clear of the product. Is this because they are afraid of the commitment? Or maybe they’ve seen too many examples of it gone wrong? As a self-proclaimed mega-fan of pattern I want to help break the cycle. So I’ve put together a list of “Ten Times Wallpaper Got it Right.”

My hope is to inspire others (or future clients) to make the leap in their homes or work spaces. If the pattern brings you joy, then why not put it somewhere that will affect you everyday? Secondly, this list provides some inspiration for new styles and creative places to implement.

And I made sure to include some peel and stick varieties that would make excellent quarantine, #stayathome projects. So I hope you enjoy!

Future me talking now – this was actually a hard list to assemble, because wallpaper gets it right pretty often. This assortment is to show ten different room placement ideas and styles, but there’s much more out there!

1. Forest Wallpaper in a Modern Boho Nursery or Bedroom

Nursery with Illustrated Forest Wallpaper by Emily Henderson
Source: Emily Henderson Nursery

2. Botanical Blue & White Wallpaper In a Coastal-Chic Home Office

Serena & Lily Blue and White Wallpaper in a Home Office
Source: KellyInTheCity.com

3. A Dramatic, Dark, Whimsical Print Backing a Bathroom Vanity

Black wallpaper with birds and florals in a modern bathroom
Source: HomeEdit.com

4. A Photograhic Print Wallpaper in a Work Space

Photographic floral wallpaper in an office conference room
Source: Glitter Guide

5. Brushstroke Print Graphic Removable Wallpaper

Brush stroke mid century modern black and white wallpaper in a bathroom
Source: Livette’s Wallpaper

6. Behind Floating Shelves in a Rustic, Coastal Kitchen

Blue & white tile inspired wallpaper in a kitchen
Source: Pure Salt Interiors

7. Textural Print Wallpaper in a Monochrome, Boho Dining Room

Speckle print white wallpaper in a bohemian dining room
Source: Glitter Guide

8. Dalmation Spot Print Built-in Bookshelf

Dalmation spot print peel and stick wallpaper backing a built-in bookshelf.
Source: Apartment Therapy
Image credit: Melanie Johnson Photography for Domino

9. Extra Fun Color Statement Removable Accent Wall

Yellow parrot with purple florals colorful peel and stick wallpaper.
Source: CuckooWalls on Etsy

10. Peel & Stick Wallpaper on Stair Risers

Gingham gray peel and stick wallpaper on stair risers.
Source: NuWallpaper on Amazon

I think this shows a lot of ways you can implement one of these “wallpaper wins” into your home and instantly boost the style! Which was your favorite? What do you think is the biggest reason people are turned off by it? Are you #teamwallpaper like I am? This I need to know!

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