Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

December is historically my favorite month of the whole year – but it can be a lot! It can feel like three months crammed into one. In my event planning and interior design experience, I’ve learned a little prep goes a LONG way. Especially this time of year! But I’m noticing many folks having unrealistic expectations of what projects can be completed before the big “game days.” And this can add to unnecessary stress! So today I’m issuing this check-in quiz with straight-forward answers on whether your home is ready for the holidays or not. [Click to skip my back-story and jump to Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays quiz now!]

We all have those friends who are on top of their s*Xt and have their Christmas shopping done in October. (Even though the gift-receiving Rachel Green in me says “But how can people RETURN stuff if you bought it that early??” Am I right?) I’m not this person! But I am someone who understands how stressful this time of year can be – especially for moms with young families. You gals MAKE Christmas and Thanksgiving special for the people in your life. Especially your kids!

The Holidays are Not a Pageant Competition for Your Home

I see a lot women with super ambitious goals to be everything to everyone during the holidays. Let me just say, if you are hosting a holiday this year at your home, you are a wonder woman! I see you! And I want to help…

My goal is to help these wonder women feel like they’ve accomplished the goals for their home projects. Without having a nervous breakdown on Christmas Eve! And feeling genuine excitement to open their homes to loved ones – in this year where everyone’s feeling a little more disconnected.

So I’m starting out with this quiz to get a gut check on how ready your home is for the holidays. (Writing this in mid-late September, but I’ll adjust the scoring if you find this later.) Once you take, you’ll get a score with some advice in response to where you are with your projects.

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Take the Quiz Now!

Click here to take the quiz to see if you’re home is ready for the holidays. Enjoy! And be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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