Holiday Weekend Shopping & the Diderot Effect

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends! I hope you are spending some time safely with those closest to you, relaxing and savoring the extra time off.  If you’re like me and you’re hitting any of the Labor Day sales at furniture/decor stores this weekend, I have a few quick tips for holiday weekend shopping & some info on the Diderot Effect.

Photo from Matter Brothers in Pinellas Park

1. Don’t rush a decision on a big ticket item based solely on price.

Photo from Hudson’s Furniture in Ocala

Have you measured your space? Will the color/material look well with your existing decor schemes? Take photos of the new piece to review while in the room of your home. Another tried and true trick is to map out the dimensions on your floor with painters’ tape. If you’re not absolutely excited to add this new piece, no price will make you love it!

Photo from Koontz Design Showroom in Ocala

2. If it needs to ship, add at least two weeks to the website’s ETA.

Photo from Matter Brothers in Pinellas Park

Shipping has been all-kinds of wonky with increased regulations from the pandemic. If you absolutely need something by a certain date, the only way it’s a sure thing is if you can take it home in your car. 

3. Ask lots of questions!

Table from Koontz Design Showroom in Ocala

Just because the stores are stirring with people, doesn’t mean you have to make a decision the same day. It’s good to ask what items are on sale, does the list price include the discount, what additional costs will be tacked on, and most importantly, when does the sale end? These can help you make an educated decision and not feel pressured to buy immediately. 

4. Shop local!

Photo from Koontz Design Showroom in Ocala

It’s always a good idea to shop locally-owned furniture stores, but these small businesses may potentially offer take-it-home-today availability and deeper discounts than the chains. A lot of these types of stores have public Instagram accounts so you can see examples of their inventory before you make the drive out. 

5. One purchase usually leads to another! 

Photo from Hudson’s Furniture in Ocala

The Diderot Effect states that obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. (Source: James Clear)

But this isn’t necessarily bad in my opinion! Because it can inspire momentum and progress, like for example when cleaning or organizing. You can make the Diderot Effect work FOR you by creating a strategic plan for updates that will enhance your home inspired by your most recent update or purchase. This wholistic approach is much smarter on the wallet and the look of your home over going on a purely reactive shopping spree.

Image Source: Pinterest

And this is something I LOVE to help people do. If you want help making positive changes in 1-3 areas of your home that you’re stuck on, I’m currently offering Virtual Design Strategy Sessions through the end of year. (Recently extended since they are SUCH a hit with homeowners who are tackling big projects this year on their own!)

This one-time, flat fee service consists of a style assessment, a concentrated strategy discussion on three areas of concern, a prioritization roadmap, and connecting you to relevant resources with a summary PDF at the end.

Plus, you can stay safely at home since it’s a 100% remote service. And in as little as three business days. If this sounds like a fit for you, click here to book your session today!

What stores are you shopping this holiday weekend and where are you finding the best deals? Are you feeling the Diderot Effect?

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