Week 3 – One Room Challenge Farm Living Room

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge for our Farm house living room has definitely been a week of planning. Because those who have hired me for interior design know very well – I like to plan before we start bringing product in. And while the first week I shared the initial mood board for the project, I’ve created a materials and color palette mood board this week with updates from the products I’ve been sourcing.

Initial mood board from Week 1

Keep reading if you’d like some tips for how you can PLAN your way to a designer-level living room.

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Update 1: Creating a custom wall pattern

Custom pattern design that could end up being changed by the time it’s applied to the walls.

So the first, and most ambitious piece I started working on this week is creating a custom pattern for an accent wall. Current working draft is shown above. I quickly learned last week that stenciling with house paint is NOT nearly as easy as my childhood blow pens experience. So I wanted to create a simple pattern that we can grid out on the wall that doesn’t need to look incredibly perfect. More updates to come on this in the next two weeks!

Update 2: Sofa/sectional sourcing

There’s no photo for this section yet because it’s still in the works! In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to share my best tips for sourcing a leather sofa piece.

  • Decide if you want real or faux leather. While both options can be very comfortable on the tush, there’s definitely pros and cons for both. Authentic leather pieces tend to last longer and age quite beautifully, usually needing to be replaced LESS than faux counterparts. Do your research, because the couch could in fact be partially faux leather and those parts may start to peel or age faster. Faux leather – you should NEVER buy without reading product reviews. I’ve seen many a peeling Rooms-to-Go piece. But as vegan friendly options are permeating the market, there are higher quality versions of faux than ever before.

  • Measure & plan your furniture placement. Interior designers know to measure twice before bringing in a dominant piece of furniture like a sectional. But if you’re going it on your own, you can use blue tape to recreate the measurements of the furniture on the floor before you click “Add to Cart”. Double and triple check the furniture measurements and diagrams included on the website. Be sure you have ample walkways on every side of the furniture and you check to see that you have doorways large enough to bring into the home.

  • Don’t be afraid to “float” your furniture. Keep in mind that the best placement for your new couch or sectional may NOT be against a wall. Sectionals and sofas are actually a great way to designate the living room area in an all-open-concept floor plan. In large living rooms, it’s common to have a large sectional or two sofas in the dead center of the room in a convenient location for binge-watching TV.
Basic living room layout idea from One Kings Lane

Create your own materials mood board

Now the fun part! When you’re bringing a room together, it’s a good idea to either update your mood boards with the actual products as they’re found OR create a materials and color palette mood board like this one. (As long as you’re tech-y or design inclined.) I’ve mentioned this on Instagram live before, but you can take zoomed-in pictures of your pieces/materials and place on a word document, Pinterest board, Powerpoint Slide, Canva, etc. to get an idea of how they will come together. Putting mine together is making me really excited to brighten up our space and layer some beautiful patterns together.

Materials and color palette mood board from this week

So stay tuned for next week’s update to see more of my progress on our One Room Challenge living room. We may even have sectional on the way to us by then!

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