One Room Challenge Office Progress

So we’re just one week from the finale of the One Room Challenge and I’m proud to report progress! The One Room Challenge is an 8-week community event in partnership with Better Homes & Gardens. More info in last Thursday’s blog post if you haven’t checked it out, but I’m doing my office! Week 7 for me was focused getting all the new furniture pieces in.

Last week, I had a big breakthrough when I decided to treat this project like a client’s. In the past, I might’ve done more “winging it” for my own spaces. But I came into Week 7 with a plan.

Office Storage Inspiration

I pinned the image below a few weeks ago before I started the One Room Challenge. I thought this was an aspirational piece for my office – especially for the Poshmark items. To be honest, I didn’t think this would be accessible for me now. I had no idea at first that these were IKEA Billy bookshelves with the Oxberg door attachments! IKEA and I are longtime friends – if you didn’t know – so this was an exciting find.

My inspiration picture I actually didn’t know was IKEA at first glance.
Image source: Harlowe James

Originally I wanted to upgrade the fabric storage cubes and hang new floating shelves above my Kallax units. (See last week’s BEFORE photos and the original sketch.) Both the Billy bookshelves and Kallax cube-style shelves are signature IKEA styles. But the inspiration image with the doors looked much more luxe and grown up to me. It’s an added bonus that they’re about twenty inches taller.

I took my measurements and determined that the Billy and Oxberg doors approach could be both more sleek and affordable. But I wanted to check myself before I took the room apart. So next I entered my measurements into my 3D planning software. While this doesn’t show the new furniture pieces to total accuracy, it’s built to the dimensions. It’s a great exercise to help further visualize the space planning of the space – especially one with so many functions.

3D rendering of my new storage wall built to the dimensions of the new furniture/arrangement.

Treating myself like a client was immediately paying off! With this plan feeling good, I made a list, and hopped in the car for an epic IKEA trip. Since my Kallax shelf was purchased in the last year, IKEA Tampa let me return it for store credit.

Office Progress Report

For whatever reason, normally all of my IKEA trips are on a tight timeline. I made sure to go early this week and allow plenty of time for a change. And thank goodness! Everyone and their mother seems to have flocked to the Tampa IKEA since its recent reopening. Even on weekdays, it’s been packed the two times I’ve gone. I was 17th in line for my return! Whatever time you think you need at IKEA normally, double it. FYI – returns have also gotten a bit more strict.

This gave me two days to build them, which ended up being perfect with balancing with my other design projects. While I’m no IKEA assembly expert, I was very proud of what I was able to accomplish all by myself! Photos of my progress below.

I had a laugh when I discovered this dart from my advertising agency days was in this little floral arrangement.
Office storage wall in progress – not in final form. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to include a door on the right Billy bookshelf with my elliptical, but I can always add it down the road.

Walking into my office at this point already feels totally different. The new shelves sit a little more flush to the wall and the height feels really right in the room. Not unlike my 3D rendering! I’m so happy with this progress on this One Room Challenge office. I’ve also bought some additional decor items that you’ll have to tune in next week to see!

The Final Week Ahead

With the final week, I’m excited to ride on this positive momentum! My plan is to load my Poshmark Inventory into the new shelving system and finish organizing my supplies. Then it’ll be all about accessories and finishing touches – which spoiler alert, there will be a LOT of. (This designer is not afraid to go a little EXTRA.)

I’m excited to have this room feeling more like a reflection of my creative personality. I already see a palpable change in how I feel working in the space. Which is great for future clients and projects!

If you had to do the One Room Challenge, what space would you tackle? Let me know in the comments below.

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I hope you enjoyed this progress update. Thank you for being a reader and supporting my new career!