Budget Home Essentials – Holiday Edition

So my very first blog post “Where to Shop Budget Home Essentials” is definitely one of my most referenced articles on this whole site. This is probably because it’s SO on-brand for what I do for people. The process goes a little something like this… 1) I need something for my house or a client project. 2) I end up shopping between 2-7 different stores and give myself a total headache until I find something that I’m satisfied with the price and quality. 3) I share where I found said “thing” and why you should shop for similar items there. 4) You benefit from my picky and budget-friendly ways. So I thought I’d put together a similar list for the holidays for you, because if there’s any time of year you’d like to save a little money to use elsewhere, it’s now! Back by popular “demand”, I present the Budget Home Essentials – Holiday Edition list!

I’ll start with some basic items you may need right now and move into holiday-specifics further down. Also, stay tuned for a special freebie at the end!

1. For Coffee Tables, Shop Wayfair (and the Like)

When we needed a new, smaller coffee table, I literally ran myself ragged trying to find something I liked that was the right shape and size, and didn’t cost a thousand dollars. I even made a drive to a recommended outlet store and walked out in under 5 minutes because I was SO unimpressed. I had my eye on this table on Wayfair, but was convinced I could find similar for a better price at a physical store (think HomeGoods, Target, outlet stores, etc). But this was not the case! The in-person, budget-friendly stores a year ago just didn’t have enough options in stock. So in 2020, you know this is going to be even more true.

I read that it would be tricky to put together, but I was fine with that. I love this table and would recommend to anyone. And now of course, more than a year later from when I bought it, it’s still available and on sale! So if a modern coffee table was the last piece you needed to tie your living room together for the holidays, you are so welcome!

If Wayfair doesn’t have what you need, you can check Joss & Main, All Modern, or Overstock.com. But they’re all pretty similar!

2. For a New Couch, Shop Costco.com

This is going to sound like an ad for Costco, but I literally WISH they would pay me to say this. After this year, the word “sectional” is likely going to traumatize interior designers for a few years to come. After the nation shutdown for COVID-19, furniture ordering has yet to fully bounce back in terms of manufacturing and shipping. So many of us designers were caught between a rock and a hard place trying to secure large furniture items for clients. But with all of the additional regulations and delays, Costco pulled ahead for me like a knight in shining armor!

If you need a large piece of furniture before the holidays, they are the ONLY company I would trust can get it for you before then. And the prices are get-out-of-town low. I don’t know how they are doing it! The catch is, that the popular items go in and out of stock. (Thank you, people of Reddit!) The Langdon sectional above especially, so try not to fall in love unless you’re ready to check on it every day for weeks on end. However, if it’s in stock for your zip code, it will often ship to you in under a week. In contrast to even some of the most popular chains saying “we’re looking at a minimum of 6 months lead time.” Costco, drop the mic!

If you have an eye for more modern furniture, I’ve heard excellent things about Article.com’s in-stock selection from fellow designers this year. I can vouch for their quality but I didn’t end up making any client purchases from there post-COVID. Definitely worth having a look!

3. To Freshen Up Your Fall Welcome Mat, Shop Amazon

I’m a big fan of the Buffalo Check trend for farmhouse styled homes or for fall in general. If you’re hosting some gatherings this fall, you can quickly freshen up your front porch with a rug like this one. This would also look great layered! I like shopping these types of items on Amazon Prime for the price and speed of delivery.

4. For Fall/Winter Candles – Shop Target (if you don’t already!)

One of my little fall vignettes – featuring the Target Heritage Pumpkin candle

I feel like this is something everyone knows, but then I realize most people don’t shop as often as I get to. And candle shopping is like a love language for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to smell every single candle at Anthropologie, Home Goods, (and every gift shop I step foot into). And I totally believe that Bath & Body Works candles have the power to fragrance a room without being lit. These things are true! But when it comes to budget home essentials that are great for the holidays, the Target Signature Soy Collection had my heart for a long time. But now it’s rebranded under Opalhouse!

I’m a fan of their more subtly-spiced, warm and slightly food-like scents. My favorite one is Heritage Pumpkin, followed by Gingerbread House, and Cozy Nights. These are total crowd pleasers if you want to pick up a few before hosting a family gathering! They also had a line out of “friendsgiving” candles a year or so ago that had more of a maple scent to them, that I would include as an honorable mention if you spot them again!

5. For Fancy Soft Throw Blankets, Shop Home Goods & Amazon

I love the idea of changing up the look of a neutral toned couch with seasonal blankets and pillows. Seasonal, soft blankets are also great gifts. This mustard color feels like it would work well from spring to fall. During December-February, you’d probably want to change out to match any winter/holiday decor that you introduce into your home. The benefit of Home Goods is that you can feel how soft it is before you buy, but on Amazon, you can read it in the reviews!

6. For Seasonal Table Linens, Shop Amazon or Home Goods

I feel like table linens are a spot that I rarely like to splurge on, because they can go in and out of style so quickly. While I really enjoy the nicer finds for discount prices you can find at Home Goods, a cool basic runner style like this one from Amazon can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many times in between.

7. For a Faux Christmas Tree, Shop Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond has a lot of great holiday decor options, and specifically Christmas trees. But I like most that you can pretty consistently use a 20% off coupon AND get cash-back on Rakuten with an online order. Which would be perfect to save on a good Christmas tree you can reuse for years to come.

Ever since I moved to a rural area, I’ve been ordering so much more online and my hair stylist recommended I start using Rakuten to get cash-back. It’s nice to earn money just for ordering online! I added the extension to my browser and just click it when I want to apply it to a shopping trip online. When you register, you instantly get a $30 joining bonus (and if you use this link, I’ll get $30, too!). Pretty cool right? Save some more money!

8. For Holiday Pillow Covers, Shop Amazon

A really great way to save space and money is to do holiday pillow covers for your living room furniture – instead of buying new pillows that will have to be stored. I’m a fan of the more subtle patterned ones like these above, that won’t look bad if you “accidentally” leave on the couch until Spring. Amazon constantly has options for this. I recommend sizing two inches down so that your pillow fits tightly into the cover. I think throw pillows with words on them are on their way out, so avoid purchasing those styles this year.

9. For Tree Decor, Shop Dollar Tree & Michaels

If you have a nearby shopping center with a Dollar Tree and a Michaels together, you’ve struck budget Christmas tree decorating gold! Sign up for the emails at Michaels and wait for a 20% off full purchase coupon to come through. Plan to go once that coupon is ready to go! Save a photo on your phone with your Christmas tree inspiration. Then, go to the Dollar Tree first and look carefully to see if they have anything you’ll need for the theme. The unspoken rule with Christmas tree decorating is that you’ll almost always need more than you realize! So this is where Dollar Tree can definitely save you some money for things you need a LOT of. Then, go to Michaels for the rest. They always have a great selection of tree decor and special definitely-not-from-the-dollar-tree finds.

10. For Vintage Christmas Decor, Shop Good Will or Poshmark

Vintage-style Ceramic Christmas Tree – Poshmark $80

Thrift stores often have LOTS of vintage, gently used, or overstocked Christmas decor. And the prices are definitely friendly to the wallet! If you’re looking for something specific or would prefer to shop online, Poshmark’s home section is my recommended spot. Poshmark sellers are often friendly about receiving/making offers. So you can “like” something to follow it in case the seller wants to make you an offer or you can make an offer for your ideal price.

11. For Fun, Minimalist Christmas Decor, Shop IKEA

I’m not really sure how to categorize this one, but IKEA always has some pleasant surprises in store for the holidays. Maybe it’s because I like the Scandinavian/minimal vibe some of it has. How cute is this card holder from this year’s Vinter collection?

It might not be worth a trip itself, but if you find yourself at an IKEA soon, be sure to check it out! P.S. not sure if IKEA’s major shipping delays have cleared up, so I recommend shopping everything from there in-person.

And now a special freebie, a whole guest room refresh…

If you loved the selections in this article and are hosting family or friends in your home this holiday season – I have TWO freebies that can make your life a HECK of a lot easier.

Get a complete decor refresh for your guest room for under $850 all-in! Click here to get the FREE full Amazon list with links to order directly. You’ll get the PDF with the list emailed to you directly so you can browse order as much of it as you like. Hello instant transformation on a budget!

Well, not all blog posts are created equal. This Budget Home Essentials Holiday Edition definitely was chalk-full of ideas that save on money but not on style. And I’m so happy to provide it for you! What was your favorite pick? Let me know what you found most helpful in the comments below.

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