20 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2020

For Mother’s Day, I created a gift guide this year because I genuinely enjoy shopping for the women in my life. It was so easy and natural for me! But dads…they’re a whole other story! I couldn’t be left to my own on this one. I consulted many dudes to put together a list of 20 Father’s Day gift ideas you can steal right now.

I’ll group them together by a few types of dads that you might have in your life. I’ll include a variety of price ranges, in case you like to go the group gift route. But the great news is, you can order any of these things online TODAY and you’ll have it in time. (Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 21, if you didn’t know!)

For Dads with a “Man Cave”

One of our friend’s owns a custom metal creation company in Florida and shared this piece on Facebook. I loved the idea of having something custom created for your dad or grandfather’s garage, property gate or “man cave”. There’s even more ideas on their Facebook page! I include this first since it would be totally custom and has the most lead time. If you’d like to order for Father’s Day, Knott’s Quality Metal Works can accept orders through Sunday, June 14. You can select an idea from the Facebook page and call to order from the number included.

For New Dads

Matching outfits are all the rage! Another friend of mine owns an Etsy Shop and creates lots of custom and pilot-themed attire for kids and adults. I can’t get over how cute this set is! You can check out her storefront here and order. The last day to order before Father’s Day would be Monday, June 15.

For Dads who are REALLY into Cooking Right Now

My dad highly recommends pellet grills, but he was way off on how much these are going for! This pellet grill is the #1 best seller on Amazon that’s currently on sale for $309. It would definitely be a great gift to go in on!

For individual gifts, steel grilling tools ($24) and a Caphalon pan set ($42) are tried and true. For dads into trying something different, grilling salt plates ($33) are a new trend in home cooking. The salt block was a recommendation from my brother who loves to cook fish. This Himalayan salt plate comes with a recipe book, so they won’t be totally lost.

For Dads Looking for New At-Home Hobbies

This is a category to explore in this unprecedented year! With home gardening becoming a big trend this year, I thought this stackable herb planting system ($50) was super cool. Perfect for getting little herb sprouts started or for balcony gardeners. My dad says binoculars ($25) are a thing, but you know he just wants to look for cruise ships!

And I include the tricked-out drone because I’m quickly realizing that flying remote toys are something men apparently never grow out of. (Looking at you, Renan!)

For Dads Who Look Like “What Not to Wear” Contestants

Ok, so this subheading was more for my personal laughter than the truth. I’ve personally gifted the exact polarized aviator sunglasses ($16) and vintage style wallet (on sale for $23) to men in my life, and they loved! It’s always a good idea to refresh some of their style staples – because dads can be picky! For example my dad, who wants a 100% cotton polo ($16), no blends. I love using Amazon for these types of things, because all the reviews and descriptions help. I also love the fresh pattern on this tie (on sale for $20).

For Dads Who Need Upgraded Tech

Again, another category full of ideas! I start with this smart watch ($37), which look again, is not an Apple Watch (though I’m obsessed with mine!) Not only would this be useful for an upgraded watch and fitness tracker, both are equipped with heart and sleep monitoring capabilities. So it’s really a gift for them and more peace of mind for you!

The air pods ($130) are extremely popular this year, great for younger dads or dads that spend a lot of time at the gym. For dads who want to jam in their man cave or garage, sans-headphones, this wireless speaker ($17) is highly rated (and I want it in rose gold!)

Another thing I’m learning at the mini-farm, is that men are SUPER into lights. And during hurricane season, don’t even get my dad started on the importance of flashlights. Renan was gifted similar LED camping lanterns (on sale for $15) for Christmas and we use them all the time! Renan has also inspired my dad to want some of these solar LED motion sensor lights (four-pack on sale for $29.)

For Dads that Don’t Know They’re Going to be a Grandpa

Oh man, this mug ($20) would be such a cute way to tell them!

For Dads Who Use Memes

Your dad might want these Kermit the Frog cufflinks ($11), but that’s none of my business.

Quickest “add to list” product ever!

I hope this list of 20 Father’s Day gift ideas might inspire you to wow and thank the father figures in your life this crazy year of 2020. I certainly feel more inspired to shop now. Let me know if you have any other ideas you want to share in the comments below!

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