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Whether you’re on the fence about joining my challenge that starts at 5:30PM TODAY or you’re already signed up and need some inspiration – I’ve got some REALLY aspirational office designs to share with you today! As a designer who swears by my strategy-first approach, I’m constantly asking my clients to dream big right from the start. I love beginning concepts for a room with 1-2 inspiration images and having a conversation about WHY they’re gravitating towards it.

HINT: It’s usually your intuition guiding you!

So today, my intern Alyssa and I have selected 10 absolutely amazing aspirational office designs to get your wheels turning! A lot of these have been selected not just for their drop-dead-gorgeousness, but also because we’re vibing with the layout AND proportions of storage and workspace. Be sure to let me know in the comments which ones you feel pulled towards.

By rounding up this list of some of the absolute BEST offices found on the internet, I hope we can inspire you to up-level yours! A further disclaimer that there are FAR more offices out there that we admire, but we’ve selected these to demonstrate different styles and give ideas about how to utilize your space.

So without further ado, in no particular order, here are our picks!

1. Desi Perkins’ Hollywood Glam Office

Why we love it: Your desk can 100% feel like your throne! We love that design takes no backseat in this executive office that screams “girl boss, coming through!” The concealed storage behind the desk offers a practical amount of space for office items that are not-so glam.

Because this office is so organized and decluttered, it leaves room for the decor elements and accent wall to shine brightly! Just imagine the types of ideas and projects launched that could be from that very seat!

2. Adorned Homes Converted Dining Room

Why we love it: New 🔥 trend! Dining rooms turned executive office.

We especially love how this space by @adornedhomes CAN be oriented back to a dining space for the few days a year that you need formal dining. In this case, design and organization means you can have two beautifully designed spaces in one!

Who else is feeling mind-blown by this idea?!

3. Darcy Miller Designs’ Organized Office Wall

Why we love it: A shared office doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice all style. When everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – has a place and a system, organized becomes the default.

With two people working from one room, there’s bound to be more items in the space, but creating color-coordinated zones makes organizing actually fun!

Two more tips to distill from this image: play with symmetry and use vertical storage to the ceiling!

4. Shavonda Gardner’s High Contrast Office Retreat

Why we love it: It’s actually really hard to accomplish this balance of bright, and dark tones without one taking over. Moody style might be an interior trend right now, but I find most of my clients want a space that feels HAPPY to work in. And Shavonda’s office design deliciously walks all the fine lines and packs a ton of style.

We are majorly in love with the wallpapered ceiling, the light fixture and all of the unique furnishings. I feel like I’d need to upgrade my wardrobe to properly fit into the space!

5. Three Times a Home’s Elegant White & Gold Office

Why we love it: From the layout, the balance of color, storage, and styling, this office must feel like working from a cloud of good design. Plus, with the gorgeous French doors added, stop it! 😍

@threetimesahome created this absolutely top-to-bottom STUNNING white and gold themed office that calls my name in so many ways.

Who else is obsessed?

6. A Futuristic but Soft Workspace by Dupla + Arquitetura

Why we love it: The calm color scheme and use of lighting under the cabinets and throughout. Even though it is a compact space it flows nicely and is also flexible as a media room.

The storage and display areas are well balanced and can be customized to reflect the personality of the person who uses the space most. This Brazilian design duo is serving major chic Zenon Girl of the 21st Century vibes with this gorgeous space!

7. A Classic Chic Office by Lacoya Heggie

Why we love it: This space is internet-famous for a good reason! You might even recognize it from one of your Pinterest boards. An organized office with shiny textures like glass and key pops of color feels glamorous and easy to work in!

Are you picking up on the trend that I’m really vibing with dramatic light fixtures in the office?

8. Warm, Midcentury Vibes by Dream Green DIY

Why we love it: Since many of us work from laptops nowadays, we really love the idea of having an inviting but stylish reading chair to hop over to mid-day. We also love the warm but color-blocked midcentury vibe that likely connects back to the style of the rest of the home. If you’re going to work from home, why NOT make it feel cozy?

9. At Home with Nikki’s Monochrome, Sorted Office

Why we love it: Nikki Boyd is an organizing LEGEND who arguably is one of the greatest influences I’ve personally had for organizing. Where many organizers before may have let design be an afterthought, At Home with Nikki is a brand that both represents aspirational organization and beautiful design. And this monochromatic office from her recent book, is no exception! We are crazy about this organization wall!

10. A Seafoam Office Dream by Sugar & Cloth

Why we love it: Seafoam and gold is a combination that I find absolutely magical! This shared office space is another that’s walking all the fine lines in such a stylish way. It shines with pastel colors with sophistication and a really beautiful balance of glam and mid-century furniture. The architectural detail and balance of dark tones with the light helps accomplish this artful but practical vibe.

When I read that they designed the large format prints themselves, my jaw completely dropped! This is the kind of design that makes me love my job!

So that wraps our 10 picks for office designs we deem aspirational. Leave in the comments which is your favorite!

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