Decluttering by Design: Office Challenge – Fall 2021

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Does your office feel like a dump room?

Do you feel like the clutter in your office is preventing you from advancing in your career?

Does your office lack style, function, and comfort?

Let’s change that! A new 30-day challenge kicks off on Wednesday, October 20!

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Transform your entire work space before Thanksgiving!

Challenge starts October 20, 2021!

Get a custom action checklist for decluttering, organizing, and designing your office.

Learn about the eastern art of Feng Shui to enhance the energy of your office and attract more wealth.

Get group accountability and mindset training to accomplish your goal and sustain it!

A completely transformed office in 30 days – for a fraction of the price of in-person design.

Can you afford to put this off until 2022?

Right photo by Alyson Haley

Secure your spot in the challenge!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How does the challenge work?

Once registered for the challenge, you’ll receive an email invite for the kick-off event on Wednesday, October 20. This will be a live webinar that we highly encourage you to join in real-time! Each week, the webinar will start with inspiration and guidance for decluttering, organizing, designing, and adding elements of Feng Shui. Each webinar will also include time to check-in and take questions in the chat, followed by action items for your homework.

Upon registration, you’ll also receive a link to take your personal assessment. You’ll need this form completed in order to receive your custom plan checklist for your office.

Secure your spot in the challenge!

Q: What happens if I can’t make any of the live sessions within the challenge?

If you are unable to make one of the webinars live, a replay will be sent to your inbox. However, attending live means that you will have more accountability and an opportunity to get answers to pressing questions in the moment. Because of this, to get the absolute best result in your office, we recommend adding each live webinar to your calendar. And if you must watch the replay, to do so promptly so that you can remain on track for the finale deadline.

Q: What will I get once I’ve registered with payment for the challenge?

Once you’ve paid for the challenge, you will receive a confirmation on screen immediately. You should then receive an email within 48 business hours with your first session invite and a link to your personal assessment.

Once the details from your personal assessment have been completed, you will receive an email from Kaitlyn Loos with your custom plan checklist that you can reference throughout the challenge.

Secure your spot in the challenge!

Q: How can I get my family involved in the decluttering process?

This is TOP question we receive during the Decluttering by Design online challenges. Just by joining the challenge and committing to transforming your space – you are doing the heaviest lifting by modeling the behavior you wish to see your family members take part in. We believe in inspiring others in your home by showing them what’s possible – NOT rage decluttering items that belong to other members of the household.

However, to create more instant-results in your household, we’ve created the printable deck of 52 Decluttering Prompts. These are a great way to make a game out of decluttering, 365 days of the year. To learn more about the cards and how you can get them, please be sure to attend the live preview event.

Secure your spot in the challenge!

Dive in to the right mindset for decluttering

Let’s say goodbye this year to our office clutter drama and HELLO to a fresh space designed to support you, encourage productivity, and enhance your creative strengths.

Secure your spot in the challenge!