Bathroom Update Inspired by Summer Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been indulging in some style shows on Netflix and Youtube because I think I’m about over this quarantine life! So in watching these, I came up with the totally random idea to design a fantasy bathroom that translates some of the biggest trends in summer fashion. And it actually worked! If this was my idea of a self-inflicted Project Runway challenge, this is the episode where you can actually shop the look the next day, because it’s all from Amazon! So voila, a DIY bathroom update inspired by summer fashion that you can order in by the weekend. (If you wanted to!)

It was always interesting, on shows like Project Runway, when they had a challenge that connected fashion with art, architecture, or any other creative field. This design explores possible overlaps with what’s current in interior design with five of the biggest summer fashion trends. I decided to do a bathroom because my first idea that jumped out was mint colored tile. And small bathrooms are a space I notice a lot of people are willing to take some design risks on to create a pop of color or pattern in their home.

The Design

Bathroom Update Inspired by Summer Fashion
Mockup of my bathroom design concept that integrates five of the biggest summer trends.

The big disclaimer here is that I’m not a fashion expert, and I barely own any of these inspirational apparel pieces, but in my dream world I do. In my dream world, I also have this bathroom, though! Also, I’ve not ordered or tested out any of these products, so please be sure to do your own research before purchasing. (But they’ll arrive quickly, anyway!) Lastly, the mockup is intended to show how the pieces look together, but it is not created 100% to scale. So now, onto the breakdown of the trends and their coordinating pieces.

The Puff Sleeve Trend

Fashion Inspiration from Marie Claire
Tufted ruffle shower curtain from Amazon $26

Beautiful puff sleeve dress, please meet the tufted, ruffle shower curtain. This also plays into the babydoll dress theme that was shared in Marie Claire as well, because of the tiered pattern. Much like how the volume of a puff sleeve makes shoulders look more substantial, the textured volume of this shower curtain creates visual interest in a similar way. Keep scrolling for some accessory ideas that fall under another trend!

The Mint Green Trend

Fashion inspiration from Erin Busbee Style
Peel & Stick 3D Mint Green 12×12 sheets of faux subway tile from Amazon, $40 for pack of 10 sheets

So as I mentioned originally, this color trend in essence inspired this entire blog article because I connected it with the pastel ceramic tile trend. I thought for sure this would be the one thing you COULDN’T get on Amazon for a quick bathroom update. And then I found these beautiful peel and stick wall sheets in mint! I’ve had my eye on this product ever since I saw Sharrah Stevens use a white version in her rental laundry room. Check it out below.

Doesn’t this look amazing and totally like real tile? I might even like the look of it better than SOME real tile because it looks handmade in texture and the grout is probably much easier to clean. It would take being a bit crafty and meticulous to make the cuts and line it up nicely, but for the price, I think this would look amazing to do wall to wall in a small bathroom.

The Hawaiian Print Trend

Style inspiration from Lucy Williams /
Society6 “Let the Sunshine In” Tropical Print from Amazon $25

This is less of a direct translation of the trend than some of the others. With a bold, colored tile in the room, I wanted a more subtle tropical print piece for the walls, and I’m totally in love with this find! This doesn’t mean you couldn’t design a whole bathroom around a bold, happy Hawaiian print. I’d be into that, too! Just maybe go with the white peel and stick subway tile.

Gold frame with matting from Amazon $21

I suggest framing the print in this matted, gold frame to finish the look.

The Gold Chain Trend

Fashion inspiration from

While you might not catch me posing with a gold chain Chanel necklace in my mouth (LOL!), you know I can recommend gold metal fixtures in your bathroom! Gold is my favorite shade of metallic whether it’s a necklace or a new bathroom faucet. I also love how the warm gold contrasts with the cool toned mint. In this summer bathroom, I’m recommending you “go for the gold!” with as many metal fixtures as possible.

Gold shower curtain hooks from Amazon – $14 for set of 12
Gold shower curtain tension rod from Amazon $19
Gold sink faucet set from Amazon $87
Mid-century gold wall sconce from Amazon $57

The Crochet Trend

Fashion inspiration from

There’s definitely some fashion and interior design trend crossover happening with the crochet and macrame trends. Crochet/macrame plant hangers add some casual, bohemian flair to this bathroom. I love the idea of hanging these over the toilet area with the art print either under it or on the opposite wall.

Three piece macrame hanging planters from Amazon $14

Finishing Touches

Below are a few additional items that I think bring the rest of the room together.

Mid-century walnut bathroom vanity with sink insert from Amazon $278

Another item I can’t believe I found on Amazon! This mid-century walnut vanity brings some contrast and warmth to the room and ties in well with the other selections.

Brushed Brass Rounded Rectangle Mirror from Amazon $150

Rounded rectangle mirrors have a vintage-inspired look that’s definitely a new trend in the interior design world. The gold frame ties in well with the rest of the space and is in great proportion with the vanity.

Woodbridge Modern Elongated Toilet from Amazon $260

In any bathroom renovation, it’s important NOT to forget your toilet! If you have a toilet in the dreaded “almond” shade or off-white, it will NOT look good with the mint tiles, white shower curtain, and white sink. I found this modern white toilet on Amazon, but really it just needs to match the white tones of the space. Be sure to hire a plumber for a drama-free install.

So that’s your bathroom update inspired by five of the biggest summer fashion trends! Let me know in the comments if you liked this “Project Runway” inspired idea and be sure to tag me on Instagram if you try any of this out in your own home!

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