I’m so incredibly grateful to receive client testimonials for Kaitlyn Loos Design. If you would like to submit a testimonial, feel free to send via email.

“Kaitlyn has always been amazing. I’ve been utilizing her services long before she even officially started offering them. Seriously – everything from event planning, nursery themes, kitchen remodels, and family photo outfit styling – she does it all! She played a huge role in our company office renovations and designed most of our private offices and collaborative areas. The thing I love most about Kaitlyn is that she has a vision and doesn’t settle until it comes to light perfectly. She’s extremely professional in dealing with clients and vendors, but she also has no problem rolling up her sleeves and building furniture when needed. No matter the budget or any unexpected hurdles that may try to get in the way, Kaitlyn always finds a way to not only accomplish, but exceed your expectations!”

– Katy B., Tampa, FL

“I love watching the ideas and vision we have come to life!  Kaitlyn Loos has done an awesome job on my entire house so far 🙌🏻

I’m gonna be sad when we run out of projects.”

– Caity L., Trinity, FL