Decluttering by Design Challenge: Back-to-School Edition!

Clear the chaotic clutter.

Thoughtfully design 3 spaces.

Set your kids (and yourself) up for their best year yet.

Registration closes on August 10, 2021!

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Does clutter have you feeling physically & mentally overwhelmed? 

You’re FAR from alone. A UCLA study has proven a direct link to women’s stress levels and the amount of items physically in their home.

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And for many of you, that home is shared by a family with kids getting ready to go back to school this month.

This means, you’re taking on the weight of the world – making sure your children feel prepared for a new school year. Also, physically preparing them with their school supply lists, new clothes, and adding more responsibility to your day to get them there. 

And many of you might be feeling the furthest thing from “allowed to relax” because of the added responsibility, stress, and unending piles of clutter. 

What could change if you chose to prioritize your mental wellbeing? What if there was a way to accomplish your goal of an organized and designed home in just ten minutes a day?

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Are you ready for relief?

What if this could change WHO you are for your family this season? Not as quick to boil over at the drop of a hat. The calm, relaxed version of yourself that is READY for whatever challenges back-to-school time brings up. 

What if you could create more space and freedom for your children to develop and succeed on a whole other level? 

If I’m speaking your language so far, I’d like to invite you to the Decluttering by Design Challenge for Back-to-School season.

It’s an opportunity to be a leader of change in your home – not the maid. It’s a way to take back control with strategy, efficiency, and some design flare.

Two ways to get MAJOR results…

Decluttering by Design Private Session

  • 60 day commitment
  • Two private Zoom calls
  • 1:1 time to create hands-on plans for your DIY decluttering and organization systems
  • Custom 30 day action plan
  • Personalized 30 day design plan
  • Start anytime!
  • Direct accountability
  • Less talk, more action!
  • Private package: $434

Decluttering by Design – Challenge

  • 90 days of inspiration, guidance, and access
  • Six group workshops
  • Great for people who achieve MORE when working in a group
  • LOTS of opportunities to ask questions and share your successes within the group
  • 90 day action plan
  • Private Facebook group access through END of year
  • Group accountability
  • Great for people who need to WALK, TALK, and THINK organization to inspire action.
  • Start date: August 9, 2021
  • Group challenge: $254

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How you’ll start…

Take the assessment

Once you’ve signed up for either the 1:1 or group challenge Decluttering by Design service, you will receive a link to your personal assessment.

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Private SessionGroup Challenge
60 minute Zoom call to review your assessment, focus areas, and household decluttering types.Two workshop calls per month with open time for questions & answers.
Together we’ll create a 30 day decluttering plan for your three (3) selected hot zones. (Reference pre-kickoff event for details on how to select zones.)Workshop 1: Decluttering Personality Type Compatibility
Workshop 2: Creating a Decluttering Action Plan for Your Type
Workshop 3: Enhancing Your Space with Feng Shui
Workshop 4: Where to Spend & Save on Organization Projects
Workshop 5: Creating Your Sustainable Organization Plan
Workshop 6: Designing Your Space

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What to expect…

Individual participants will work on their custom 30-day decluttering plan with a 30 minute follow up Zoom call. The Zoom call will review current decluttering/organization progress and create a design & maintenance strategy for your type.

Group participants will also enact their plans and can report progress within the group workshops or in the private Facebook group.

“No matter the budget or any unexpected hurdles that may try to get in the way, Kaitlyn always finds a way to not only accomplish, but exceed your expectations!” – Katy B., Tampa, FL

Save money & get results

How much would it cost to hire a professional organizer to overhaul these three areas of your home FOR you?

What’s the cost of the fights and the drama in your home as it relates to clutter?

Could you put a price on increased, quality time connecting with loved ones in your home?

What is the value of your family’s health? Your ability to focus on your work?


1:1 ProgramGroup Challenge
Investment: $434 + 7% tax

No feedback or photos required. Price is subject to change.
Investment: $254 + 7% tax

No feedback or photos required. Price is subject to change.

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This does NOT include: in-home consultation, concept work, 3D floor planning, in-person shopping trips, and design/organization questions after or between the set meeting times. If you’re interested in a more robust, full service package, please email to discuss.

About Kaitlyn Loos

Kaitlyn Loos [loh-s] is a virtual e-designer for interiors and organizing. She helps busy women and families create dreamy spaces that function for their unique needs. She notably developed the Decluttering Personality Type quiz which has helped hundreds of people break down mental barriers about clutter. Kaitlyn loves to collaborate with clients to bring modern, fresh, and color-savvy design into their homes. Kaitlyn Loos Design delivers style for nearly any investment level. She also enjoys sharing her ideas and projects through her blog and discussing hot design topics on Instagram live.

Kaitlyn is located in the west-central Florida area (Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, and everywhere in between) with availability for select in-person projects for 2021.

When decluttering and design come together, you get amazing results that last.

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